Daoist medicine

Daoist Healing


19 to 26 January 2020

Berkshire, UK

Integrate the fundamentals of Daoist Healing to develop a concrete practice :

core principles of Daoist Healing, practical foundation of Qi Gong energy work,

Chinese medicine natural healing methods and herbal medicine-making.

A seven-days retreat to comprehend Daoist Healing in its multi-dimensionality and concretely experience the lifestyle of a Daoist healer, for students of Chinese Medicine who wish to return to the spiritual root of their practice, as well as anyone sincerely interested in ancient eastern healing arts.

The theoretical aspect will focus on the fundamental principles of cosmology, physiology, diagnosis and energy work according to Daoist Healing, and will elaborate on its specificities as ancient healing art rooted in spiritual self-cultivation.

The practical aspects will offer a living experience of the way of life of a Daoist healer, as well as concrete healing methods that participants will be able to take home and use for the sake of one’s own self-healing or to support other’s healing.

  • Yang Sheng Gong : movements combined with specific breathing methods, visualisations, and internal circulation of energy. The practice of Yang Sheng Gong of the Wudang Pure Yang lineage 武当纯阳养生功 detoxifies the organs, opens the meridians to promote the circulation of Qi and blood, and restores mobility and vitality.

  • Qi Gong : The practice of Qi Gong of Wudang Heavenly Horse 武当天马峰气功 purifies and strenghtens the energetic field, to heal oneself and others, and nourish our spiritual practice.

  • Meditation : The cultivation of stillness restores vital energy, develops peace of heart-mind and luminosity of spirit. It returns to the link between body and mind, to uproot the causes of ill being.

  • Foundation of Daoist ceremonial healing work : incense offering, incantations, and water healing.

  • Chinese medicine natural healing methods : cupping, gua sha, fire healing, and more.

  • Chinese medicine herbal medicine-making : decoctions, teas, alcohols and oils, pills, and more.


The retreat will start on Sunday 19th January at 5pm, and finish in the afternoon of Sunday 26th January at 4.30pm.

7.30am. Qi Gong

8.30am. Breakfast

9.30am. Yang Sheng Gong

11am. Theory

12.30pm. Lunch and rest

3pm. Theory and Healing practice

6.30pm. Dinner

8.30pm. Meditation


  • £ 545

We will be generously hosted in a large family house, we invite all guests to express an attitude of sincere respect so that we may all unify as a collective.

Accomodation may be provided on request with an additional fee - please contact us.

Delicious vegan food will be provided by the wholefood restaurant www.elianesmiles.com.