Wudang White Horse Apprenticeship

2019 July 01 - August 11 Ukiah, CALIFORNIA


Transform and grow through experiencing Wudang Internal Martial Arts, Daoist Medicine, and Daoist Philosophy as a Way of Life.

From July 1 to August 11, join us for this unique opportunity to experience the life and philosophies of a Daoist Hermit immersed in Nature and become disciplined in daily movement and meditation practice!

During 6 weeks, a complete curriculum in Daoist Arts of Energy, Spirit, and Movement will be taught by Lindsey WEI and Loan CHENG FENG, both long-term disciples of the Wudang Five Immortals Temple, China.

While living as One with Nature, apprentices will train Wudang Kung Fu, Tai Ji Quan and Ba Gua Zhang; practice Qi Gong, sun-gazing and sitting meditation; experience Bi Gu (fasting) and Internal Alchemy for Longevity; study Daoist Medicine theories, learn Chinese Medicine natural healing methods, and herbal medicine-making; study ancient Daoist Scriptures; learn rituals and participate in ceremonies; learn Earth skills, such as how to make fire, and more.

Registrations are open for the full length of the Apprenticeship or on a weekly basis according to specific topics.